Joachim Loeffel

22,500km traveled
2 Epics completed

I am 53, adventurer and a passionate cyclist and scuba diver. This is my 4th tour with Tour d'Afrique. After completing TdA in 2008 the travel bug always stayed with me. 'Surviving' the Doomsday Ride 2012, I needed another break from office work and daily commute through the well known forests and fields where I am living. Trans-Oceania brings me to Australia, the continent I haven't been before and a chance to finally meet some co-workers in Sydney, whom I only know from phone conferences and email.

My primary goal is to enjoy each day on the saddle and having enough time to experience and taste the always new environment and scenery, inhale the air and sounds of nature and interact with the people, my camera always ready to conserve the impressions and memories of this trip.

I am looking forward to meeting with fellow riders and staff members from my previous tours and make new friends.


Planned Registered Completed
Tour d'Afrique 2008
Trans-Oceania 2014
Silk Route
South American Epic
North American Epic
Trans Europa
Bamboo Road