Per Sörner

11,189km traveled
4 Epics completed

Freelance engineer, musician and reality hacker from the Swedish west coast. Currently on an indefinite sabbatical to explore life, the universe and everything. I find expedition cycling a good way to practise living in the present, enjoy a "simple" life, see the world, fill up with new impressions and stretch the edge of my comfort zone. Previous TdA experience: Hong Kong to Bangkok (Bamboo Road premiere 2013), Bali to Alice Springs (Trans-Oceania premiere 2014), Quito to Cusco (SAE 2015), Ulan Bator to Gorno-Altaysk (Silk Route 2016), Freetown to Cape Coast (West Africa en Vélo premiere 2018) and Kashmir to Kathmandu (Trans Himalaya premiere 2019).


Planned Registered Completed
Bamboo Road 2013
Trans-Oceania 2014
South American Epic 2015
Silk Route 2016
Tour d'Afrique
North American Epic
Trans Europa