Chris Wille

76,304km traveled
7 Epics completed

"The very core of man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun" Chris McCandless Into the Wild

Extremely happy and grateful to have participated in and cycled the equivalent of twice around the world on some 10+ incredible TDA trips, Coast to coast, all EFI, on 6 of the worlds 7 continents. First rider to have completed all & of the TDA 7 Epics.

Special thanks to the TDA and their amazing, dedicated staff for making such trips,. and the quote above, possible- there is an incredible amount of work that goes into scouting, logistics, bookings, vehicles, staffing food, etc etc. Nobody does it better than the TDA, No one runs tours like they do on roads less travelled.

It's a wonderful lifestyle, Eat, Sleep and Ride. Learning lots every day from wherever we are on the planet. " The world is my classroom,
I am it's student and class is in session"

Thanks also to the many wonderful, strong willed fellow riders who have helped shape each unique journey and make it special. From ages 25 to 78, you are all very inspiring and show us what is possible, proving that age is just a number.

Thanks also to my dedicated and understanding wife Linda. Together we started a charity in 2008, Bicycles for Humanity Victoria. Since inception we have collected, shipped and donated over 5500 good used bikes and spare parts to 3 African countries, Namibia, Uganda and Malawi.
Our work continues, always collecting good used bikes and spare parts for the next container load.. It's a great way to give back and every donated bike helps change a life for the better. Our efforts are ongoing.


Planned Registered Completed
Tour d'Afrique 2008
Silk Route 2011
Trans-Oceania 2014
South American Epic 2015
Trans Europa 2016
Bamboo Road 2017
North American Epic 2019


Bicycles for Humanity, Victoria

Goal is to raise funds and collect bikes for our 13th and 14th containerload of good used bikes to Africa this one is destined for Zomba, Malawi, second one to Tanzania. Still need 250 bikes to fill the second container..Victoria, we need your help!!

Goal: $0
Amount Raised: $0
Percentage Raised: 100%