Robert Rowley

United States
24,160km traveled
2 Epics completed

"Oh Canada, Oh Canada, Where art thou?", Robert Shakespeare Rowley says, " I am excited to be cycling across this great country meeting interesting people, seeing pretty scenery and rolling along on pavement."
On my last two tours I did Tour D' Afrique in 2012 and the Silk Route in 2014. I experienced long days in the saddle, early sunrises, sharing tea and vodka with the locals, had mechanical and physical breakdowns and produced three talent shows when the moral was down.
I've learned that what is most important on these lengthy bicycle rides is getting along with everyone. It doesn't matter how good a cyclist I am. I just have to be able to self manage myself.
I sit here imagining pushing the pedals with the wind at my back as we glide over the wind swept prairies toward Winnipeg. There is less than 90 days left until June 3.
"There are miles to go before I sleep," Robert Frost writes. So, get after it, ride your kilo - meters before hand so you're ready to pedal OH CANADA!


Planned Registered Completed
Tour d'Afrique 2012
Silk Route 2014
South American Epic 2015
North American Epic
Trans Europa
Bamboo Road