Rae Simpson

19,940km traveled
3 Epics completed

I'm a semi-retired test pilot, fighter pilot, aeronautical engineer, and aircraft accident investigator. I took up cycling when arthritis and a double hip replacement brought an end to my running career. Ursula (my wife) and I first did a TDA trip in 2008 - Africa. We keep coming back for more - Rome in 2012, Bamboo Road in 2013, Australia in 2014, New Zealand in 2016, and Madagascar in 2017. Every trip has been a new part of the world for us and that will continue in India. We're looking forward to sharing the experience with other like-minded people as well as with some old friends from previous trips.


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Tour d'Afrique 2008
Bamboo Road 2013
Trans-Oceania 2016
Trans Europa
South American Epic
North American Epic
Silk Route