What is 7Epics?

7Epics is a series of spectacular, fully supported, long-distance cycling expeditions passing through over 50 countries and 6 continents that, when combined, cover over 72,000kms or almost twice around the globe. The 7 routes allow you to explore Asia, Africa, North & South America, Europe and Oceania and are, we believe, the 7 most epic cycling expeditions on the planet:

tour-dafrique”>Tour d’Afrique (Cairo to Cape Town)
Silk Route (Shanghai to Istanbul)
South American Epic (Cartegena to Ushuaia)
North American Epic (Anchorage to Mexico City)
Trans-Europa (St Petersburg to Lisbon)
Bamboo Route (Shanghai to Singapore)
Trans-Oceania (Sumatra to Sydney)

Who Operates the 7Epics?

TDA Global Cycling (TDA) is the leading long-distance bicycle tour operator and has been in operation since 2003. Named for its flagship bicycle expedition across Africa that was largely responsible for creating the current wave of interest in long-distance, supported cycling, the employees are a bunch of avid cyclists, outdoor enthusiasts, travelers, and adventurers.

7Epics was created by TDA as a logical extension of the company mission to create cycling events that appeal to all cyclists and that successfully advocate for sustainable transportation, bicycles and the environment by pushing the boundaries of what is possible. 7Epics provides each cyclist with a challenge that will test their mind, body and spirit. Their journey will be educational, inspirational and rewarding.

Do I have to sign up for all 7Epics at once?

No. You can register for one Epic at a time, either as a full tour or sectional rider. You are also free to join any of TDA’s other cycling expeditions that are not part of the 7Epics Challenge.

If you have already decided to participate in all 7Epics, you may wish to join the 7Epics Club and take advantage of its discounts, special offers and exclusive features.

What is the 7Epics Club?

Cyclists choosing to participate in the 7Epics Challenge are encouraged to join the 7Epics Club.  Upon registration members can create online profiles on their dedicated 7Epics web page, choose which category they wish to participate in, select the Epics they have completed or are planning to ride next, indicate and promote the organization they are raising funds for.

Other 7Epics Club benefits include:

Original 7Epics T-shirt
Seven 7Epics vouchers worth US$100 toward expedition entry fees
Personal 7Epics web page
Exclusive offers & Inside tips
Individual tour medals & jerseys

Do I have to be a member of the 7Epics Club to participate in the 7Epics?

No. You may take part in one or all of the 7Epics expeditions without becoming a member of the 7Epics Club. However, you will not be eligible to take advantage of the 7Epics Club benefits.

Is the 7Epics Challenge for me?

Do you have an adventurous spirit? Want to push boundaries and step out of your comfort zone? Do you love cycling? Want to see the world? If you do, the 7Epics Challenge is for you.

Cycling the 7Epics, or sections of it, is the best way to explore the world; slowly and with the sun in your face, captivating smells drifting around you and only the sound of spinning wheels in your ears. Traveling by bicycle makes you feel more connected to the earth and your surroundings. Riding with us you will get to stop at the side of the road to strike up a conversation with locals, try some of their food or spend time capturing the scenes with your camera. Seeing the different towns, villages, ruins, temples, rivers and mountains from the seat of your bicycle offers a truly unique perspective. Traveling by bicycle means that you are kinder to the environment and your ecological and social footprints are much smaller than more conventional travel. It allows you time to form meaningful relationships with fellow riders. Our expeditions allow you to choose your favorite epic adventure according to your level of fitness and the places that you’ve always dreamt of visiting.

What kind of cyclists will take part in the 7Epics?

Every type of cyclist is expected to take part in the 7Epics; recreational cyclists looking to expand their horizons; leisure riders who wish to explore and experience different cultures & cuisines; serious cyclists looking for a new challenge; overachiever cyclists who crave EFI status; altruistic cyclists who are raising funds for a worthy organization.

Participants may choose to take part in the 7Epic challenge in one or more of the following categories:

Global Adventure

7Epics offers every cyclist the opportunity to explore the world on a bicycle. Their journey will combine a physical challenge with the chance to explore different cultures, visit historic sights, sample exotic cuisines and interact with people from around the globe.

Global Challenge

The ultimate 7Epics challenge. To qualify, participants must cycle every inch of each 7Epics expedition under their own power.

Global Escape

7Epics provides the flexibility to join in the challenge on a smaller scale. Cyclists with limited time off can participate in a wide variety of sections ranging from 10 – 30 days.

Global Quest

7Epics recognizes that some  participants may want to give back to the communities that they will be cycling through on their journey, either by supporting the Tour d’Afrique Foundation or another worthy organization of their choice.

What exactly is EFI?

EFI (Every Fucking Inch) is a very short abbreviation for a very big achievement. You receive EFI status when you have cycled every inch of the road of a tour, for every single day of the tour, without getting on the support vehicle and by making it to the night’s accommodation before the appointed cut-off time. Sounds easy? Not really. Some of our tougher tours last 4 months and at times you will cycle more than 200km in a day or spend long hours spinning along rutted or muddy roads. The possibility of falling sick, if only for one day or afternoon, due to dehydration, diarrhea, or exhaustion, is high – and then you lose your EFI status. Our EFI’ers have worked very hard to achieve this status and now with 7 Epics they, and other aspirational EFI’ers, have the opportunity to keep testing their endurance.

Is the 7Epics a race?

No, the 7Epics is not a race.

I have already cycled one of the 7Epics. Does that count?

Yes. Alumni who have already completed one or more tours will be granted credit for these expeditions towards their 7Epics Challenge.

How are the 7Epics scheduled?

In general, the Tour d’Afrique Bicycle Expedition from Cairo to Cape Town runs every year while the other 7Epics expeditions run every second year. Full details on each of the 7Epics are listed on the tour-finder/calendar” target=”_blank”>calendar page of TDA Global Cycling’s main website.

If I wanted to do all 7Epics one after another, how long would it take me?

Participants could complete all 7 of the 7Epics expeditions over a period of 3 ½ years but we expect most cyclists who choose to join the 7Epics Challenge to complete their journey over a much longer period of time.

Will the 7Epics routes vary from year to year?

The routes for the expeditions that make up the 7Epics have been specifically planned and designed to ensure that cyclists enjoy interesting landscapes, are exposed to a wide variety of cultures and cuisines and experience a range of road conditions. We are continuously exploring options to make the journey even more meaningful and, at times, extreme climatic conditions or political upheaval may cause us to take make changes to the existing routes.

What is the cost for the 7Epics?

The 7Epics Club membership fee is US$250. This provides many benefits, including vouchers worth up to $700 in savings on expedition entry fees.

Each of the 7Epics expeditions are priced individually. Generous alumni discounts are available. Please follow the links below to the expedition of your choice for current pricing.

tour-dafrique”>Tour d’Afrique (Cairo to Cape Town)
Silk Route (Shanghai to Istanbul)
South American Epic (Cartegena to Ushuaia)
North American Epic (Anchorage to Mexico City)
Trans-Europa (St Petersburg to Lisbon)
Bamboo Road (Shanghai to Singapore)
Trans-Oceania (Sumatra to Sydney)

What other expenses am I likely to incur before and after each 7Epics expedition?

  • Flight
  • Bicycle, spare parts, gear & accessories as needed
  • Equipment including tent, camping mattress and sleeping bag (if applicable)
  • Travel/health insurance
  • Vaccinations
  • Personal electronics, medical supplies, and any other personal needs
  • Visas
  • Food on rest days plus dinner on nights before rest days
  • Souvenirs (optional)
  • Gratuities for field staff (optional)

What’s next? How do I sign up or get more information on the 7Epics?

Join the 7Epics Club

Upon registration members can create online profiles on their dedicated 7Epics web page, choose which category they wish to participate in, select the Epics they have completed or are planning to ride next, indicate and promote the organization they are raising funds for and take part in an exclusive 7Epics online forum where riders can share stories, plans and their dreams.

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Visit TDA Global Cycling’s main website for full details for each expedition.

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•    What your entry fee includes & what type of tour support is provided
•    How to prepare for a tour with us
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