7 Epics Club

Cyclists choosing to participate in the 7Epics Challenge are encouraged to join the 7Epics Club.

Upon registration members can create online profiles on their dedicated 7Epics web page, choose which category they wish to participate in, select the Epics they have completed or are planning to ride next, indicate and promote the organization they are raising funds for and take part in an exclusive 7Epics online forum where riders can share stories, plans and their dreams.

Member Benefits

  • Original 7Epics T-shirt
  • Seven 7Epics vouchers each worth US$100 towards expedition entry fees
  • Personal 7Epics web page
  • Exclusive offers & inside tips
  • Individual tour medals & jerseys


Individuals successfully completing all 7Epics will receive a special ‘7Epics Finisher’ medal.

Individuals successfully completing all 7Epics with EFI status will receive a ‘7Epics Conqueror’ medal.

Additional exclusive recognitions and exciting awards will be announced in the future.


7Epics Club membership fee is US$250.  Alumni who have already completed one or more of the 7Epics will be granted credit for these expeditions towards their 7Epics Challenge. Please contact our office for details.