6 Hotly Contested Strava Segments by TDA Cyclists

September 22nd, 2017 by The TDA Team

As you might know, we have a club on Strava open to anyone interested in global cycling routes. On any given day you can see leaderboards full of big rides happening on various continents around the world. Here are 6 segments that have been hotly contested by our cyclists on our tours. This is just a small sampling, as we have over 100,000 km of cycling routes in more than 80 countries around the globe.

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Transfăgărășan Highway on the Orient Express

This stunning switchback climb looks daunting from the bottom but is engineered to be a gentle grade most of the way up. And you are rewarded with spectacular views from the top so cyclists from our tours can be forgiven if their times don’t rank near the top 10 of a route popular with most cyclists in the region.

Along the Konkan Coast on the Hippie Trail

Some assume that because this section of our Hippie Trail tour is along the coast that it will be flat – far from it. This Strava segment is a good example of the many short steep climbs along the beautiful coast alongside the Arabian Sea as the road dives down towards the water and then turn up again into the hills above.

The Gorge on the Tour d’Afrique

This is a legendary climb on a legendary tour. So prominent are these 18 km that the entire 15 day section is named after it. And note that Mark Beaumont also ranks in the top 5 – not even the man who just cycled the world in 80 days could match some of our riders!

Akbaital Pass on the Silk Route

This grueling 6.6 km segment tops out at 4,661m elevation. It’s deep in the heart of the Pamir Mountains on the way to the outpost of Murghab on the Pamir Highway section of our cycling tour. This route has been traversed by group and solo cyclists alike for many years, but the altitude, remoteness, and lack of supplies means it requires a lot of planning in advance.

Crown Range Summit at the end of Trans-Oceania

There is no easy finish on the way into Queenstown – the final stop on the Trans-Oceania. The last day includes one final climb up to the Crown Range Summit before they get to relax after their mammoth 4 month cycle journey across Australia and New Zealand. Luckily, the riders are rewarded with an exciting 11km switchback descent. Our cyclists are among over 1600 that have attempted this popular segment.

Andes Ascent on the Way to Cuzco on the South American Epic

Between Nazca to Cuzco the cyclists climb alot! They ride high up into the Andes and don’t come down again for quite some time. This segment is one of many tough climbs, and with each pedal stroke high the altitude affects everyone more, the temperatures begin to drop and road conditions deteriorate – pure pleasure, right?

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What Did we Miss?

Members of our Strava Club as well as many of our former riders have completed segments all over the globe, so we would love to hear what those favourites are, and which ones deserve to be added to this list above. These don’t have to be on the route of our tours – any route anywhere in the world that you love.

Leave us a comment below and tell us your favourite segment…


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