7Epics Members and Their New Tees

March 30th, 2015 by Shanny Hill

We asked some of our club members to send us a picture of them sporting their member-only t-shirt. Here is what we got…

Ursula Simpson, Canada


Rae Simpson, Canada


Tom Lais, America

Tom Lais

Eric Beurton, France

Eric Beurton front2

Chris Wille, Canada

Chris Wille

Francine Plante, Canada

Francine Plante

Joachim Loeffel, Germany

Joachim Loeffel

Lloyd Strong, Canada

Lloyd Strong2

Per Sorner, Sweden

Per Sorner

Robert Rowley, America

Robert Rowley2


Sign up today and get your very own T-shirt and start the challenge of a lifetime!



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