The 7Epics concept

Love cycling, extreme challenges and accomplishing something that your friends will just shake their heads at?

Over 10 years ago a couple people got together and asked themselves – Can we organize a bicycle expedition that crosses Africa from Cairo to Cape Town? Western authorities strenuously warned against it. Friends looked at them like they had lost their marbles. But they persisted in their dream and in 2003 the inaugural Tour d’Afrique Bicycle Expedition took place. And guess what? It was a success and unleashed a world-wide wave of interest in supported, long distance cycling. Africa was followed by similar trips across Europe, Asia, South and North America and finally Oceania.

Having created these trans-continental cycling expeditions, we decided to bind them all together and so, 7Epics was born – the ultimate cycling adventure; an ultimate challenge to be an EFI for those who want to cycle every inch, a travelogue for those who like to cycle the four corners of the planet; east and west, north and south, a platform to raise funds for those who like to set themselves a goal with a cause and a for many others a marvelous opportunity to cycle faraway places, enjoy the world and escape the drudgery of modern life.

The number 7 is many things. It’s mystical: Seventh Heaven, Seven Sacred Teachings and Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga. It’s magical: Seven Wonders of the World and the Seven Seas. It’s practical: Seven Pillars of Wisdom, Seven Ages of Man, Seven Pillars of Health and seven days in a week. It’s sacred: the world was created in 7 Days and the Seven Chakras. It’s heavy: Seven Deadly Sins and Seven Levels of Hell.

For us the 7Epics encapsulates much of the above: the mystical, the magical, the practical and the sacred.

So join the 7Epics challenge and discover what the number 7 means to you.

The 7 Epics are:


Tour d’Afrique

Cairo to Cape Town
Distance: 11,700km

And so it beginsStarting in Cairo our original trans-Africa expedition meanders along the Nile past ancient temples, across the Nubian Desert, up and down the Ethiopian plateau, and past Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro. After a midway break in the safari capital of Arusha, you will continue along the shores of Lake Malawi to Victoria Falls, through wildlife reserves in Botswana and Namibia, and finish with a champagne celebration in beautiful Cape Town. Read more here.

Silk Route

Shanghai to Istanbul

Distance 12,000km

Camping in the MountainsCycling the world’s most famous trade route and following the footsteps of Marco Polo and Genghis Khan, crossing the deserts of China’s Xinjiang province, staying in ancient caravanserais, and traveling through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan’s fabled Pamir Highway, continuing through Iran and finishing in Turkey. Read more here.

South American Epic

Cartagena to Ushuaia

Distance 13,300km

Mountain-lunch-stop-edCycling South America from tip to tip, starting in Cartagena on the shores of the Caribbean, up and down the Andes, exploring the Atacama Desert, Lake Titicaca and Machu Picchu while visiting some of the grand cities like Bogota, Quito, Lima, La Paz, Santiago, cycling down the famed Chilean Patagonia and finishing in Ushuaia on the shore of Drake passage. Read more here.

North American Epic

Anchorage to Mexico City

Distance: 10,000km

By_the_river_edStarting in Anchorage this tour cycles the Alaska and the trans-Baja Highways while exploring Jasper, Banff, Glacier Lakes, Yellowstone, the mountain biking paradise of Moab, the Grand Canyon and other national parks and World Heritage Sites en route, before finishing in Mexico City. Read more here.


St. Petersburg to Lisbon

Distance 6,200km

blog-headerStarting in St. Petersburg and following the ancient Amber trade route used by the Romans, from the Baltic states of Lithuania, via Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia, to Venice, then heading west across the foothills of the Alps to the French Riviera, continuing on to the Spanish Mediterranean, then cutting across the Iberian peninsula to Madrid and finishing in Lisbon. Read more here.

Bamboo Road

Shanghai to Singapore

Distance: 8,000km

Chasing the DragonStarting in Shanghai on the coast of the China Sea, cycling southward to Hong Kong and along the coastline to Vietnam, through Laos, Cambodia, stopping in Angor Wat, on through Thailand, Malaysia and finishing in Singapore. Read more here.


Singapore to Sydney

Distance: 10,000km

monkeys,-SumatraStarting in Singapore this expedition hops across the Islands of Indonesia to Timor-Leste, then spins across the vast expanse of the Australian Outback from Darwin, Northern Territory to Adelaide in South Australia. From there the route follows The Great Ocean Road to Melbourne before finishing at the famous Sydney Opera House. Read more here.