World Cycling Challenge


Runners have the 7 marathons. Mountain climbers have the 7 summits. Sailors have the 7 seas. Cyclists now have the 7Epics.

7Epics is a series of spectacular, fully supported, long-distance cycling expeditions/races passing through over 50 countries and 6 continents that, when combined, cover over 72,000kms or almost twice around the globe.

7Epic participants will spin through teeming metropolises and remote hamlets; traverse soaring mountains and searing deserts; cycle on pavement, gravel, mud, and, Lord help you, even sand; in chilling rain and withering sunshine; sometimes backed by robust tailwinds, but just as often, buffeted by gale-force headwinds.

The 7Epic experience will test every fibre of your being – mind, body and spirit. The journey will be educational, inspirational and rewarding.

The 7Epics are open to everyone – adventurers who have never been on a bike, serious racers who are eager to test themselves against the elements and the competition, recreational cyclists, women and men, old and young – all are welcome to take on this exciting challenge.

Participants may choose to take part in the 7Epic challenge in one or more of the following categories:


7Epics offers every cyclist the opportunity to explore the world on a bicycle. Their journey will combine a physical challenge with the chance to explore different cultures, visit historic sites, sample exotic cuisines and interact with people from around the globe.


7Epics is a stage race across the globe, unlike any other competition. Completing it will require physical stamina, strategic planning, unparalleled mental toughness and perhaps a little good fortune.


The ultimate 7Epics challenge. To qualify, participants must cycle every inch of each 7Epics expedition under their own power.


7Epics provides the flexibility to join in the challenge on a smaller scale. Cyclists with limited time off can participate in a wide variety of sections ranging from 10 – 30 days.


7Epics recognizes that some  participants may want to give back to the communities that they will be cycling through on their journey, either by supporting the Tour d’Afrique Foundation or another worthy organization of their choice.

What’s Happening Now

September 27th, 2015 by Henry Gold

Cycling Antarctica to the South Pole

the Last Degree – the world’s first group fat bike expedition to the South Pole from the 89th parallel “Antarctica
March 30th, 2015 by Shanny Hill

7Epics Members and Their New Tees

We asked some of our club members to send us a picture of them sporting their member-only t-shirt. Here is
March 20th, 2015 by Henry Gold

Understanding 7EPICS

Do any of these strange foreign terms – Friluftsliv, Shinrin-yoku, Hygge, Wabi-sabi, Kaizen, Gemütlichkeit, Jugaad – mean anything to you?